Are You Thinking of Quitting Your MLM Business?

March 31, 2014


I can’t count the number of times I’ve been approached by people both online and offline with various opportunities. I have no issues with this, but the lack of etiquette surprises me nonetheless. Have you ever engaged someone in conversation only to have them ask you after just two to three back-and-forths ifquitting MLMyou’re “keeping your options open?” Or if “you’re open to projects outside what you’re currently doing?”

This my friends, is the oldest form of network marketing cold prospecting I’ve ever seen. And sadly people still do it. Even when it’s been proven it doesn’t work. Desperate MLM business owners have even stooped as low as handing out flyers at malls and stuffing them under windshield wipers.  It’s no wonder they end up thinking of quitting MLM.

The same organizations that teach these outdated methods (and there are many) may even say the internet won’t allow you to maintain a long lasting MLM business. That’s interesting, considering none of them have ever built an internet MLM business.

Well, I truly hope you are not involved in that type of teaching, or that your organization you’re receiving training from has adapted enough to move past that methodology. Truth be told my MLM allies, if you’re not marketing on the internet you’re a dinosaur. You’ll here me say this again and again. The internet is powerful, ESPECIALLY if you’re building your business offline. Know why? Because once you have leverage on the internet with REAL places to send people for information, aka your own branded site, blog, etc., you gain something most MLM business reps lack: confidence.

When I first got involved, the main thing I struggled with was the confidence to talk to people. Here’s why:

  1. I did not believe I had anything of real value to offer them besides a product and opportunity.
  2. I knew they would be involved in an opportunity and platform that trained them in stone age methods with little to no compensation for bringing in new trainees.
  3. I felt that since there was no compensation for new recruits on the training end if they brought in new people they would be stuck in the red losing money for longer than necessary.

Feel like any of these hit close to home?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  There are thousands of network marketers out there that feel the same way.  They’re looking for answers and they’re frustrated.  And they won’t quit because they’re winners.  I think what most MLM entrepreneurs fail to realize though is many people fail to make their first company work in today’s age.  And that leaving a company truly isn’t a big deal unless you’re abandoning a horde of people in the process.

The point I reached when I left my first company was that I wasn’t really giving up on MLM.  I just wanted to partner with a company that allowed internet marketing and chimed with something I truly believed in and felt passionate about.  Unfortunately, many of us are spoken to by leaders who preach from stage that you’re a “quitter” if you leave the company.  Pile on top of that the guilt of possibly losing your network marketing friends you’ve made and it’s a rough decision.  Quadruple that guilt if you were introduced to your spiritual side through this process (a whole other discussion I’ll tell you my opinion about if we’re on the phone).

I’ll just say this to help you move on if you’ve decided that’s something you’ve been thinking about doing.  Make sure you don’t learn to despise the industry if you leave your company, it’s a great industry.  Leave on good terms and don’t blame others for your failure or lack of success.  If you love MLM, find another company that both loves internet marketing and offers something you value and want.  Finally, like I did, make sure you have a sit down with your upline and explain your decision.  It was tough for us, and we saw some tears, but it was financial insanity not to do so.  We still love our former uplines believe it or not, and even buy product from them to this day because some of the products were truly that good!

I truly hope this article either helped renew your faith in what you already have your hands on, or pushed you to make the decision you’ve been dreading.  Either way, life’s too short to be stuck in stasis.  Make the tough choice and stick with it, even if it means quitting MLM.  I’m not here to talk you into staying, I’d honestly rather see someone pursue their passion especially if that’s something else.

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