How To Handle The “Is This A Pyramid Scheme” Objection

May 19, 2014


If you’ve been in this industry for any amount of time then I’m sure you’ve been faced with the “Is This A Pyramid Scheme?” objection.  Often times, this trips new reps up pretty bad, and they are just unsure how to handle it.  It can often times be very deflating as well if you don’t know or believe in what you have your hands on.Is This A Pyramid

I’d also like to add, that anyone who tells you that you can avoid this objection by being postured is either making stuff up, or has been out of the game a while.  I approach some of the most respectable looking businessmen and women in the offline world, and even these people will sometimes ask that question, and remember, some of them are earning 250-300k a year or more!

So here is a video on how to tackle this objection:


The bottom line is this guys: some people are just going to say “no.”  Don’t try to turn them.  You’ll end up babysitting in your business and become extremely frustrated with your lack of results.  It’s better to have a canned response that you can either email or message them, or even say on the phone that goes along the lines of: “I understand you’re concerned that this business model may cause you to face some uncomfortable feelings with people around you.  It seems to me that you probably are not willing or capable of doing this, which is ok, I’m not trying to convince you.  Feel free to call if things change.  Take care.”

Don’t burn your bridges.  Don’t say something like: “It seems like you’re too scared to take on this challenge.  Good luck chicken.”  Do you like making enemies?  Things may change for this person, 5 or even 10 years down the road.  Once they figure out corporate America sucks total butt (even for six figure earners) maybe you’ll hear back from them, if you were genuine and cared about them.

Just speak the truth and answer the question with a sincere heart.  It’s the best way to go.  If the truth offends them then odds are pretty good there’s a lot of negativity in their life that they have to deal with first before they consider ANY business endeavor.

Remember, a prospect’s response once they know it is network marketing has absolutely NOTHING to do with you so don’t beat yourself up.  You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person who’s dying to hear about your opportunity.  And anyone who says no is unfortunately just not ready for the challenge of success.  It’s a tough hill to climb, and that’s why there aren’t very many of us out there.  Most soldiers get killed before they even get their uniform on, right?  They see the company presentation, then uncle Rico says: “oh that’s one of dem dare pyramid dealies, 99% of people fail at those thangs.”  Yeah, just like 99% of people fail at anything they try.  It’d be nice if everyone had an entrepreneurs brain, but it just isn’t so.  Welcome to the success club.

I’ll leave you with the last comment on handling the “is this a pyramid scheme” question.  I once heard a success coach say this: “all you have to do is figure out what the 1% did to get there and then copy it while overcoming fear in the process.”  It’s so true, wouldn’t you agree?

Leave your comment below, let me know what you think, and what your favorite way is to answer “Is This A Pyramid Scheme.”


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