How To Succeed At Network Marketing

February 6, 2014


There are some things you should first consider when you start your network marketing journey.  Before you learn how to succeed at network marketing you should first determine whether or not you want to earn money fast.  If you aren’t on a time table for earning quick cash then learning how to build an online system capable of generating thousands of leads each month may be up your ally.  However, fast cash is only attained by building a downline as quickly as possible.  This allows you to build what is commonly referred to as “momentum.”

There are also some benefits to sponsoring people offline so I wanted to touch base on those so I listed them below:

Building It Offline Benefits:

1:  People will respect you more for being a triple threat, real deal type of network marketer.

2:  You can use testimonials from people you’ve helped in REAL LIFE rather than having strangers you met online edify you.

3:  Any local meeting or standup presentation you do can be recorded and used as promotional material on your blog or site; extremely powerful.

I can tell you from personal experience that I have much more respect for people that build offline businesses.  It’s the hardest thing to do and it truly makes the biggest impact in people’s lives.  Ultiimately, though, it’s up to you as to what type of business you want to have.  But I highly recommend that you consider tackling some of those fears you undoubtedly have if you’re not building offline.  Usually these gut feelings that make you uncomfortable are only preventing you from reaching your full potential; and in some cases they keep you broke.  I can tell you, when you have a room full of excited people in real life all moving in the same direction and connecting face-to-face you truly have a recipe for LONG TERM SUCCESShow to succeed at network marketing

Your upline should be able to help you with these things if he/she is doing their business offline.

So the question of “how to succeed at network marketing” can be broken down in different ways, but if you’re committed to building it offline there are some key ingredients I’m going to summarize below so here they are:

How To Succeed At Network Marketing Offline:

1: Find an upline mentor that is willing to fly or drive to your area to help you build at least one of your legs and show you how it’s done.  If you meet someone online that isn’t willing to do this, move on.  If you have a mentor currently that isn’t helping you in this area I suggest you evaluate whether or not they are the right mentor for you.  My heart goes out to those of you that signed up and received lousy training and mentorship; seen it a ton.  Some sponsors will commit to visiting your area if you sign up a certain number of prospects; I see this as totally acceptable.

2: Learn the art of contacting and inviting.  First learn how to meet people out in town and get their contact info (social media or phone, preferably phone).  Then learn how to follow up with them and invite them to watch your business presentation.

3: Learn how to close a prospect that wants to get started, and enroll them into your primary opportunity.

4: Read everyday and learn how to lead your team as you build it.  Don’t worry about being perfect at first, you never will be perfect in fact!  Just enjoy the journey and learn how to become someone others are interested in following.


MLM Blogpost is run by Jason Lee, a 35 year-old entrepreneur who helps other network marketers brand themselves online.

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  3. Ben Gillott Says:

    Hi Jason, totally agree with you about respect for people who build offline businesses. I’m a web developer but been in network marketing since 2004 and recently been working on web tools to help network marketers build offline networks. Would totally ace if you could give our crowdfunding page a mention to your community as we are now trying to get a mobile version of the app created in time for the summer, much thanks,


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