The Best Goal Setting Theory That Works For Me

November 25, 2013


So the other day I was asked by a friend and business partner of mine to write an article on a personal goal setting theory I use in my daily living.  The comment originated from my friend, Mac, when he remembered a diagram I drew for him months back covering the basics of goal setting and where those should apply in any persons life.


Believe it or not, we are all human beings.  And even though I may offend some people that look at my diagram and disagree with it, that’s o.k, no big deal.  I’m not here to convince you what I’m doing is right.

All I can say beyond a doubt, is that by focusing on these areas of my life, at least once a day, has resulted in big changes.

So without further delay, I’ve placed a pie chart illustrating Jason Lee’s goal setting theory below.

Goal Setting Theory

These are the five areas I believe, when focused on daily using actionable steps, will result in fast changes in your life.

For the sake of argument, let’s play a little game.  Right now I want you to think of someone you know that’s close to you.  Not just anyone though.  They have to be someone with a specific problem in their life that’s causing them to “not move forward” so to speak.

Got em?  K, good.

Now, take a look at the chart above and answer the following question:  Which areas of the chart are they failing at because of this “situation.”

You may tend to think that it’s the situation that’s causing them to fail, but this honestly wouldn’t be the case.  They’re actually failing because this is an area of their life they have neglected for some time.  Believe it or not, we operate in a world that operates off of the Law of Attraction.  As human beings, we tend to attract other things into our lives based on what we become.  And this definitely includes people.

In other words, if I’m an emotional train wreck because I’m not focusing on the Emotional area by trying to get control over it, I’m naturally going to attract other “emotional train wrecks” into my life.  Ever notice how they all tend to stick together?  I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true.

The same goes for people with no money, people with lots of money, people in great physical shape, people that are in terrible shape, and the list goes on.

You see, misery loves company.  But, happiness loves company too.  So many people operate under the philosophy that “if I just found the perfect person, I’d be happy.”  When in reality you NEVER will find the perfect person, because that perfect person you’re envisioning is already happy, and will automatically be repelled by you if this is the case.  You first must BECOME the person you want to attract.

That’s the main point I want you to take away from this message.  Become the person you want to attract into your life, both in the friends arena and the partner arena.

If at first you find it difficult to work on all five of these areas at once, just choose three or even two.  Anything is better than zero.  Make a commitment to do something every day to grow in that area.  For example:  I have a commitment in the Physical slice that I will do 100 inverted situps, 100 pushups, and 100 deep squats every day NO MATTER WHAT.   That means, before my head hits the pillow, I force myself to finish.

As a note, the Physical slice of the chart is surprisingly the easiest.  The reason for this is because it doesn’t require you to get outside your comfort zone.  It only requires you to focus on you.  Not that hard.  Once you delve into the Social piece, and the Spiritual piece, things become exceedingly difficult because both require you to stretch that muscle between your ears and face fears you didn’t know were there in order to grow.

Did you ever notice that most red blooded Americans have a pie chart that looks like this (focus on only the physical, if anything at all):

Goal Setting

Most people fail financially, emotionally, and socially, in my opinion because they don’t have a foundation there, and they continue to attract those same people into their lives like the plague.  And completely leaving out a spiritual life leaves one with a subconscious feeling of hopelessness that ultimately festers like an open wound.  The only thing left to focus on in this case is the Physical slice.

So that’s what people do.  They go to the gym, get buff, or fail at it, and continue to build up rage for years that leads them down paths they really don’t want to be on; divorce, depression, suicide, addictions, whatever it may be.  All because they neglect those other essential areas.

My prayer is that if you’re reading this for the first time that you read it again.  I honestly wrote it hoping that someone takes something valuable away from it that helps them make drastic changes in their life.  I’d love to get a phone call or email one day telling me of the things you’ve overcame.

Never forget, we’re all overcomers.  And the power’s within each of us.

If you ever want advice on how to use this goal setting theory in areas of your life, or you’d like to know what goals I currently have feel free to contact me.  I don’t mind sharing!

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To Your Trials & Success

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