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How To Handle The “Is This A Pyramid Scheme” Objection

May 19, 2014

Is This A Pyramid

If you’ve been in this industry for any amount of time then I’m sure you’ve been faced with the “Is This A Pyramid Scheme?” objection.  Often times, this trips new reps up pretty bad, and they are just unsure how to handle it.  It can often times be very deflating as well if you don’t […]

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Are You Thinking of Quitting Your MLM Business?

March 31, 2014

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been approached by people both online and offline with various opportunities. I have no issues with this, but the lack of etiquette surprises me nonetheless. Have you ever engaged someone in conversation only to have them ask you after just two to three back-and-forths ifyou’re “keeping your […]

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Your First Year In Network Marketing

February 28, 2014


If you were presented to network marketing in an offline belly-to-belly style like myself, then you possibly experienced a lot of the very same sensations as I did when you at first acquired featured. You considered it, questioned it, tested it, then after knowing it you entered and assumed omg everybody is going to do […]

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How To Succeed At Network Marketing

February 6, 2014

There are some things you should first consider when you start your network marketing journey.  Before you learn how to succeed at network marketing you should first determine whether or not you want to earn money fast.  If you aren’t on a time table for earning quick cash then learning how to build an online […]

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The 10 Key Attributes of A Network Marketing Pro

January 30, 2014


If you’ve been in network marketing for a while then you already know how vitally important it is to establish an online brand presence.  Having an internet presence (beyond simply social media) allows you to not only differentiate yourself from the masses, but

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Here’s The MLM Clue You Are Missing

December 30, 2013

MLM clue

First and foremost I have to ask one question:  Do you have a freaking MLM clue?  In other words, are you aware of the following facts? MLM is being pursued online, successfully, every day You are a more attractive sponsor if you have an online MLM presence If you do not have an online MLM […]

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The Best Goal Setting Theory That Works For Me

November 25, 2013

Goal Setting Theory

So the other day I was asked by a friend and business partner of mine to write an article on a personal goal setting theory I use in my daily living.  The comment originated from my friend, Mac, when he remembered a diagram I drew for him months back covering the basics of goal setting […]

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Is There an Amway Scam or Is It The Real Deal?

November 6, 2013


In short, the answer to whether or not Amway is a scam is: no.  But in the defense of both pro MLM and anti MLM parties I believe the answer deserves a little more justification. First let me start by saying that I use to be an active business rep in the Amway compensation plan.  […]

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Network Marketing Is A Legitimate Home Based Business?

November 25, 2012

network marketing is a legitimate home based business

I can’t count how many conversations I’ve had with people regarding whether network marketing is a legitimate home based business.  Although these conversations were obviously with my cold market, they were interesting nonetheless. Usually I find that most people when approached just don’t have any concept of what a “business” is period, meaning this:  they […]

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How Are MLM Leaders Defined

October 24, 2012

This has to be one of the most sensitive subjects I’ve decided to post.  But one of things I decided to do when I started this blog was tackle the tough subjects.  Aside from total transparency, my desire is to shine a light on MLM leaders with a floodlight.  Granted you may not see leadership […]

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